"Every planet has its own weird customs. About a year before we met, I spent six weeks on a moon where the principal form of recreation was juggling geese. My hand to God. Baby geese - goslings! They were juggled."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fiebre got me.

I was feeling relatively ok yesterday, but I didn't get any sleep the night before and woke up with a racing heart. Still some chills. But I went to training and got along mostly fine except for a little nausea.

PC changed the plan for today and asked us to go home and get money to buy our required cell phones. So back on the city bus which bounced us around for what seemed like ages - and instead of letting us off at the regular corner so we can catch the faster bus, it continued on. I found about 3+ others who live really close to me (yay!) so we walked home together. Grabbed the money, took something for the nausea, and walked to the park center with the others.

The Sickness, whatever it may be or why, started increasing. We walked from store to store in the city and had virtually no luck finding the enormous quantity of phones that we needed. As we went to each new store, I felt weaker and weaker and really just wanted to lay down. At the final store that could supply each of us, I got a chance to slump down and rest. Chills came on and nausea attacked, I felt indescribably...bad. Eventually I was shaking pretty hard and no number of coats would warm me, despite it being pretty warm outside. I was the last one to get a phone, and the venders gave me a caramelo (candy) to make me feel better :)

We returned to the training center on the bus again, this time completely packed with children - and me, trying oh so incredibly hard not to be sick. I passed on lunch as I did with breakfast and laid in the sun for a while which took away the chills so long as I soaked. Oh yes, I got a little red. It didn't matter. Training started, and not soon after, a doctor came to get me upstairs for a checkup. Temperature: 102. She gave me two tylenols and told me to lay down and sleep until she was ready to take me home. Despite noisy fellow aspirantes and blinds that fluttered so hard in the wind that they sounded like bird wings flapping (interesting dreams...), I definitely got some easy rest.

After the doctor dropped me off at home, I settled right into bed with some difficulty sleeping. A couple hours later, my host mom and grandma arrived in my room to ask me bunches of questions. I don't remember really what they were, I just wanted to go back to sleep. Paula came back with a thermometer of her own because neither of us could see the silver line in mine. Low grade fever now. I slept, she came back with a little soup, and still I had a low grade fever.

But oh what a beautiful restful sleep I had last night. No racing heart, no chills, just sleep. Paula woke me up and asked for my temp again - still, 38*C, about 100.something. We decided I shouldn't go to class despite how incredibly sad it made me. Today is Brigadas Verdes - the training class is going to local schools to ask kids about ecoclubs and is starting their personal gardens (a sidenote - I just had a very difficult time writing that in English: first 'jardines', then 'gardins'). If I feel better later, I'll go. I hope I can!

Paula brought me a toasted sandwich with some kind of mystery jam - I'm not really sure what the name was. And mandarin juice that's a tad bitter but quite good.

So... here I am. It's a partly cloudy day and every once in a while, the sun shines. I want to be OUT there, with everyone else! But for now, I guess, it's sleep time.


  1. Poor Christina. I'm so sad that you're not feeling well. I hope this passes soon and you can go on to enjoy the rest of your training.

  2. Thanks Amanda! At this very moment, I still have a fever but I feel pretty good. Here's hoping the chills are over! Anything but that.

  3. oh wow. what a day! is your phone movistar? porta? I hope you feel better! I've been praying for you.

  4. It should be Porta, I think. PC told us Porta (?) is the most extensive network. Unfortunately I don't know much about it because I was totally out of it when I got the thing, but hopefully in a little while I'll figure it out. And thanks! I hope so too! :)

  5. Sadface! Get better soon! :( You've got plenty of time in Ecuador ahead of you. Allow yourself time to rest and heal.

  6. Thanks Laurie :( It's true... I missed some probably fun stuff today but I have a lot of time. Just looking forward to getting back into it all!

  7. Hope you kick this very soon. Christina will prevail. Just a day in a long training cycle. Better now than in two weeks. Love ya Kid.