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Friday, October 29, 2010

How often does Peace Corps place you exactly where you want to be?

It finally happened. I heard the mail truck roll up to the house three doors down. Then my neighbor's house. Then mine. And then PLOP! Maybe an invite on the porch? Maybe my newest prints? I looked out the window and there it is, the glorious invite kit I've been looking forward to getting since June! I grabbed it, ran to my mom's room, and began ripping it open - feeling like it's the best present ever. And I saw the country name - it's not Paraguay, it's not Zambia, and it's not Uganda - ECUADOR?! Not even in my scope because of my estimation from Peace Corps Wiki. It's not even listed yet (but I had the honor of doing that myself!). So that's it - Ecuador, 2 February 2011, environmental education and awareness.

See, I would have been more than happy to go anywhere Peace Corps wanted me to go, and I would be happy with pretty much any assignment. Really, anywhere, anything. But in the beginning of this application process, I thought a lot that it would be amazing if they sent me to Ecuador. I've wanted to go there for a while - I think mountains, volcanoes, the Amazon, the coast and the Galapagos when I think of Ecuador - but I didn't mention anything to anyone and pushed it aside for another time when I could go myself. What an amazing surprise! And doing environmental education is just perfect.

Good job Peace Corps!



  1. YAYAYAYYYYY!!!! Congratulations :) I hope you keep writing as you learn more about the country and do your packing and whatnot :) I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. yayy!!! it really happened same for me!! congrats! it's so fun to make the peace corps wiki date. awesome :) so much to look forward to!!

  3. Congrats. Im Josh a PCV in Mongolia right now and yep, sometimes you dont even get lucky...you get sent to a place you may not have even really recalled it existed but now suddenly all you want is that. By the by...this comment may be a congrats but i just want to say thats the best Blog title ive ever come across....especially because the episode Wash said that in was my favorite episode too.... Fight the good fight!

  4. Hooooray for you!
    You wrote about the experience in a way that made the vicarious enjoyment all the better for this reader. All of your blogs make for good reading.
    BTW - - - You had previously indicated that your e-mailed a medical representative to follow-up on your medical packet. How did you obtain an e-mail address for a medical representative? My medical packet has been in PC's Headquarters since 8/6/2010 and I am anticipating an invitation to go to staging in Jan/Feb/Mar, but my nomination countries have not yet appeared in the PC Wiki. It would be beyond wonderful to be able to do as you did and submit the update firsthand.
    Best wishes as you move ahead in your endeavors.

  5. N'mind - - - I found contact information for Medical review Assistant.


  7. elizabeth - Thank you! I'll try to keep writing :)

    Emily - Thanks, you too!

    Josh - You're my hero for recognizing the blog title :) I might have to somehow bring Firefly with me...

    Lew - Good luck, Lew! That's quite the long wait, but I did find it helpful to email the people with my file every once in a while. I don't know if it helped, but every time I did my file advanced. I'm really surprised I got to add my country in February! What with invites going out already for June. I hope all goes well and quickly for you!

    Ispigel - Thank youuu! :) :)

  8. YAY!! Dude, it would be so cool if we got assigned the same country. I'm getting really close to finding out.

  9. Yea!!! I would love to know someone else going to Ecuador!! I've looked on PCJ, facebook groups... can't find anyone else so far!