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Friday, November 12, 2010

The second time I ever called 911

Hello from the hospital.

We keep saying this happens to pretty much every family.

Yesterday my mom and I went to my grandmother Nani's house to visit with her and her sister, but when we got there we found our aunt sitting in her car in the driveway. She explained Nani was busy or something and wouldn't let her in... it didn't make sense. We walked up to the door, mom dropped her bags and started trying to break down the door. Then I heard my Nani screaming inside - I heard "fell" from someone, and automatically called 911. Mom bounded around the house to the backdoor which was open, and made her way in with me on the phone dragging the neurotic dog. Just as I hung up with the dispatcher, I heard a fire truck siren around the corner. Nani and my aunt expressed doubts ("Who called the ambulance? ughh") and I wondered if this was overreaction... but after being an EMT an elderly person falling is enough to warrant medical attention.

They packaged her up and brought her to the hospital while we followed after a bit. Things were of course not so good in the hospital, and I'd never seen my grandmother so torn up. Never saw her cry until now. I held her hand and felt terrible. Really, what's going to happen? After xrays the orthopedist came in to announce she broke her hip and needed surgery the next day. It was an incredible feeling I can't even recall right now, but it was essentially equal to 'doom.'

Moved upstairs, doped up, and stayed until 8. She was probably going into surgery at the end of the day as an 'add on' patient.

This morning, we got a text from my uncle that was was going into surgery at 11. No way we could make it in time, so mom and I made our way to the hospital leisurely. Nani was just released from post op when we arrived, and was shaking in a cocoon of blankets. Things went just fine!

She's lucid now talking about her favorite movies. Feeling some pain around her hip. Looking much better though and beating up herself less for her fall. Here's hoping for a fine recovery. My grandmother's so brave.

SO for Peace Corps news...

I still haven't found anyone going to Ecuador. Where are you all? It wasn't a fluke being invited there, right? PC didn't mean Paraguay?

Two days after I got my invite kit, I sent in my personal passport, "official" passport application, and a couple passport photos. And after investigating more, it seems like Peace Corps will reimburse me for the cost of those photos. I wasn't really happy about giving up my personal passport, but then I also read PC will return that during staging.

And I put off one of the more difficult challenges - my aspiration statement. I browsed a bunch of statements online for inspiration and, just on the last requested day to have it done, I wrote it up and sent it in. I don't know why it was so hard... it was hard to be confident and vague at the same time, I guess, but it's possible.

So next step is sending in the media paperwork and waiting for updates on staging.


  1. That is so scary about your grandmother! I'm glad you thought quickly enough to call, and lucky it was just her hip! (Which I know is serious, but a personal experience of mine reminds me it could be a lot worse)

    I actually met a kid going to Ecuador tonight! I went to a happy hour for PC ppl at UF and we all sat around, drank beer, listened to a guy talk about stuff, and compared medical stories. I have no idea if I'll see him again, but he seemed pretty cool :)

  2. You're right, could have been tons worse! Lots of people have been telling us incredible stories of hardship. And it's fortunate she didn't sever any blood conduits and bleed to death when she fell. It's still bad what's happened to us, but I'm thrilled with how fast it's all been... no dragging out the dread of going through surgery or anything.

    And YAY about meeting someone going to Ecuador!!! I'm not alone!! :) I know obviously I wouldn't be alone, but it sure felt like it for a little while. I would have liked to go to one of those events, but Alaska is pretty neglected...and last I checked there weren't any in Chicago I could go to.

  3. I've been "adopted" by the UF recruiter, into her little group of PC nominees and applicants. She is pretty awesome and loves to get everyone together to talk and share... it's kind of like the blog community but in person :) You should look on FB to see if there are any peace corps groups specific to a university near you, and then weasel your way in to their social or speaking events, that's what I did!