"Every planet has its own weird customs. About a year before we met, I spent six weeks on a moon where the principal form of recreation was juggling geese. My hand to God. Baby geese - goslings! They were juggled."

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A mad dash across the country

I formed a plan for moving all my stuff plus my cat Misi and my rabbit Moo from point A (Alao Llactapamba, Chimborazo) to point B (Pucará, Imbabura).  It was complicated figuring it all out but in the end not a thing went wrong.

Step one:  Pack up all the stuff and bus it to a volunteer's place in Riobamba.

Step two:  Next day, bring up animals plus their stuff.  Spend night at volunteer's place, but...

Step three:  Wake up at 2 a.m. Drag stuff downstairs for a taxi.  Take a 3 a.m. bus to Quito, get a porter to move stuff around, get bus to Otavalo at 6 a.m.

Step four:  Pile into the hostal, eat pie.

And that's how it went.

Today was just loooong though.  It was rush, rush, rush.  Out of one vehicle into another.  Misi cried the whole time but there wasn't anything I could do.  Moo was perfectly fine.

I was relieved to finally get to the hostal, relax, and investigate the many things I've heard about Otavalo, except then Misi began crying nonstop.  It was pretty bad too - to the point where I thought maybe my gracious hostal hosts might retract their offer to let me keep them in the courtyard and kick us all out.

So I went to the vet just down the street to ask for help, and they had me bring Misi in.  They checked her out and there seemed to be nothing wrong with her - just, as I emphasized, she was scared and stressed about moving.  So they gave her an oral injection and a pill to calm her.

An hour later, she was still howling.  But sort of...blinky.  Droopy.  Aha!  It kicked in.  I went off for dinner and came back to find her waking up yowling, passing out, then waking up again crying.  I feel terrible but hopefully soon she'll be settled with me in our new home.

So we pack up again and head out tomorrow morning.  Finally!  I'm still so happy I made the decision to change sites.  It was definitely the way to go.

And finally, I got all the talent show videos up from our last training (Midservice).  Some acts are amazing.  Some are hilarious.  Some are...well, they are.  Enjoy!


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