"Every planet has its own weird customs. About a year before we met, I spent six weeks on a moon where the principal form of recreation was juggling geese. My hand to God. Baby geese - goslings! They were juggled."

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being positive

I'm feeling pretty down today, but decided I need to focus on the positive things going on in my world instead of dwelling on the negatives that could easily tear me apart if I let them. I encourage anyone else out there who might feel the same to think positively. After making this list, I felt a lot better, and a lot more able to take on all the bad stuff hovering over me. It's not a bragging thing, just a way to change my view of life right now.

-Northwest Herald is interviewing me on Thursday. I offered the idea to them in hopes of gaining more viewers for this blog, who might later donate to my project (IF that's needed. That's still down the road).

-Got a pro deal with the company I wanted to buy pants from :) It's killing me not being able to afford this giant expedition tent for only $2,800-something when it's usually $4900. I know, it's ridiculous. I guess I'm strange (or in the perfect mindset for Peace Corps), but I love the idea of living in a tent. And this company's tents are the best.

-Getting contact from friends and friends with friends who have been to Ecuador, or are from Ecuador! It makes me feel so welcome already just from peoples' hospitality and thoughtfulness. My college friend helped me get in touch with the Geophysical Institute to volunteer at the volcano observatories, another college professor/club advisor connected me with an Ecuador RPCV and her husband from Ecuador, and another friend connected me with family in the Galapagos. That's not all!

-Peace Corps' Health Benefits program is (hopefully) accepting my second request for medical expenses reimbursement after the Alaska clinic sent me a surprise bill.

-Grandmother's hip replacement recovery. Nani's mobile!

-Being invited to serve in Ecuador. Of all places, this is where I most wanted to go.

-I actually found a seasonal job that paid well to help pay my bills so I can leave. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to afford leaving the U.S. I think... things are really tight....

-Celebrating one year of not getting sick. No colds, no flu, just one day when I had sniffles.

-... there are plenty others. But I had to really start digging, so I stopped.


  1. That's a great list Christina! What a good way to look at things. I know I've been feeling a little down lately as well...it's been pretty stressful stuff, packing up our lives for two years. After getting all those emails the other day and setting up my flight to D.C. I started to feel REALLY overwhelmed and scared with what's about to happen in the next few weeks. It has been really comforting meeting you and everyone else in our group. :)

  2. Oh question! After you made your flight reservation with Sato to D.C. did you receive a confirmation e-mail from them? I never got an e-mail from them. Just want to make sure if that's something else I need check out.

  3. That's another positive thing, getting connected with my group! :) Talking with you all makes me so much more excited to go, and it seems like we're a really fun, supportive group! After reserving my flight, I was suddenly shocked too - what's going to happen here in two years? At 6 a.m. on 2 Feb, I may see my parents for the last time in two years. Yep, totally shocked.

    I did get a confirmation email almost right after I called. I'd call sato back and ask them to resend :)