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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Etna erupts

COUNTDOWN: 20 days (This has nothing to do with Peace Corps...)

I was aware Mount Etna in Italy began erupting (which isn't really anything to be surprised about), but the first bit of news I heard just described it as a little explosion. A week later, my mom asked if I heard about the Etna eruption. I looked it up and found this:

13 January 2011, REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello

Still nothing out of the ordinary for Etna, but wow is this picture spectacular! Check out this article by the National Post for more pictures and a video.

I visited Italy in 2009 for a month to check out volcanoes (mainly Vesuvius, Stromboli, and Etna) with my friends Rebecca and Gabe. Vesuvius was totally quiet (usually a good thing), Stromboli was erupting every minute or so, and Etna was just really steamy. Something felt really odd on Etna with the summit totally choked in clouds. Steam gushed from cracks and fumaroles covered some hills. Still, no lava or explosions that we were aware of. It looked like this:


  1. You are the only person I know who says "an erupting volcano! Cool! I wanna go there!"

  2. ... but wouldn't it be amazing?! :D I'd go to every erupting volcano if I could afford it and do it safely