"Every planet has its own weird customs. About a year before we met, I spent six weeks on a moon where the principal form of recreation was juggling geese. My hand to God. Baby geese - goslings! They were juggled."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Absurd packing list and waiting for the plane back to Ecuador

Hello from Panama!

Ok, well, I'm not THAT thrilled to be here. The Panama airport hasn't been too kind to me. While I wait in travelers' limbo, I decided to share a list of the massive pile of stuff I'm moving from the U.S. to Ecuador. Way, way more stuff than I planned or wanted to carry back. But I guess it all just added up. And oh is it random. These are all the things I wished I had brought with me the first time around!

Books: Geology Terms in English and Spanish; Russian; Indonesian; Minus 148; How to Crochet; The Anatomy of Fascism; Alive; Looking for Alaska; Fire Mountains of the West; Frozen Earth; Alaska: Saga of a Bold Land; GRE Premier; Mountaineers

Candles + candle wicks + oil scents
Games: Bunch of Sudoku books; pack of cards; puzzles
Cards for sending
Alaska 2012 calendar
Pile of yarn
Spices: paprika; tumeric; coriander; chipotle; New Mexican chile (noooo I forgot this!!)
Nutritional yeast
Clif bars (for giving to guides)
Vegan marshmallows
Chai tea
Cat treats and toys; rabbit treats
Preserve toothbrushes
Painting supplies (roller, refills, color swatches, tape, trim brush)
Mounting putty
External DVD/CD player
Gaiters (already had)
Tent stakes (already had)
Carabiners + ATC (already had)
Climbing boots (already had)
Flat water bottle
Ice ax leash (already had)
Gloves (already had)
Pile of photo prints
Helmet (already had)
Harness (already had)
Peanut butter
Black olives
Candy (candy corn; Smarties; misc)
Rainproof/windproof lightweight jacket
Prayer flags
Pile of DVDs
Compact digital camera + batteries + cards
Glacier glasses

And here's Day 3 of my 365 project! This about it for on-time photos.

Flying over the gulf from Chicago to Panama

So blue...so pretty

The world is just awesome.


  1. Welcome back little one.
    Your books came in today. I sent the Treking Nepal one. Boils down to 10 bucks a pound to send things.
    Be safe, train, learn. I see big things happening, its only been a short time.
    Love MaDoe

  2. Dad!! So happy to hear from you here. Thank you so much for sending me that book, but it´s so expensive!! It´ll really help a lot though.

    Miss you guys a lot. Love you!