"Every planet has its own weird customs. About a year before we met, I spent six weeks on a moon where the principal form of recreation was juggling geese. My hand to God. Baby geese - goslings! They were juggled."

Monday, January 9, 2012

Riobamba scavenger hunts

I´ve been to Riobamba a lot this week, and I´m getting very very sick of the 2-hour one way bus ride. But I have good reasons.

It´s my mission to improve my room - and the plan is really coming together. I bought a largish bookcase, got a water tank (with a spiget!!) for boiled water upstairs - anytime I want it!, and now I´m right in the middle of painting my room. I wasn´t sure how much paint would do it, so I just started with a gallon of white primer. Turns out I need 2-3 coats of it, so I only got a little more than half the upstairs painted. And so here I am again in Riobamba to buy more white paint and the light yellow paint I hope will add a lot of cheeriness to the place. It used to be a dark perwinkle color so I figure anything is better than that. Who likes dark blue indoor walls?

So if you´ve been following past posts, you´ll remember that my host and I had a bit of a falling out in November. I threatened to move out and even found several options, but time ran out for me to move that year so I didn´t. But things got suddenly better... Maria no longer felt obligated to cook for me once I made it crystal clear that wasn´t what I wanted, that the freedom to cook for myself was the one big thing I absolutely needed. Now she does share my favorite dishes with me and the juice she still makes every morning, but she makes her own meaty soup and meals and leaves the rest to me. Finally. I hope this keeps up!

I´ll leave you with a parting video of my kitten, Misi:

Oh - and I´m still keeping up with the 365 Project. Check out my link in the upper right menu!


  1. Cats are awesome entertainment. I'm so glad things are looking up for you.

  2. Thanks Amanda! Yea, she´s definitely brightened my time here. Super entertaining though sometimes ridiculously aggravating.

  3. I'm glad things are going better with Maria! Im not a vegetarian and I had a hard time eating all the food she made. I think yellow will do the room good. :)